Our team

The Italian section of Defence for Children International is coordinated by:

- Pippo Costella -

He has worked on development programs on childhood and adolescence with various NGOs, international agencies and institutions in the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe. His experience is characterized by the development of strategies and programs to protect children from various forms of exploitation and abuse, programs and initiatives targeted at children in conflict and emergency zones and the psycho-social dimension and the promotion of human rights through migration phenomenon. From 2004 to 2008, He was an active member of the Experts Group on Trafficking in Human Beings of the European Commission. He is currently collaborating, as an independent expert, with different public/private italian organisations at national and at international level. He is founder and currently director of Defence for Children International Italy.

- Gabriella Gallizia -

She has worked in the commercial and administrative sectors of various Italian companies. Later, she was office manager at "Save The Children Italy" until the early years of the italian section' setting up. She has actively participated in the foundation of the Italian section of Defence for Children International since March 2009. She is actually in charge of the coordination and development of the activities of the section.

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