Our vision

Principles in the background of our actions:

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  • The "Best interests of the child"
  • Children's rights are Human Rights
  • Promotion of a Human Rights approach as a political and conceptual framework to advocate for the rights of children and adolescents
  • The participation of children and adolescents as one of the basic principles for them to fully exercise their citizenship
  • Gender equality
  • The co-responsibility of the state, society, the community and the family as a guiding principle in all of its interventions The rights of children and adolescents should be promoted at different levels of action: Political, social, community and family-based and with the direct involvement of children and adolescents.
  • Systems and organizational methods (planning, fundraising, staff management, etc.)reflect and respect the Vision, Mission and Principles of the Organization and should be implemented consistently at all levels.


Our approach:

The approach adopted in every project consists in taking into account the relationships between the child's needs through their environment and the responses of the multiples instances of protection of the children rights.

The set of variables identified to raise this relationship refers to the four main areas of protection of children's rights enshrined in the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (1989) and the General Comment no.6: survival, protection, development and participation. 

The reference to these keys areas of the life of the child is taken to identify the technical quality of the response by focusing on the detection of their specific needs: to each of these needs correspond a right positively enshrined that State are committed not only to protect but also to promote through all the necessary measures (economical, social, normative...) in the short, medium and long term. This approach, as to be understood as ensuring an attention to the best interest of the child as the preeminent response of the many categories involved in project analysis to determine the adequacy of the response of the "system" to the children's needs and rights.

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SURVIVAL - articles 23 - 27 Convention on the Rights of Children (CRC) -

In this area are taken into account all needs concerning the primary biological needs related to personal development, such as availability of food, shelter, medical care. Particular attention will be devoted to special needs resulting from special situations of vulnerability such as disability, having suffered violence and abuse, specific traumatic situations.

Keywords: Health care - Health conditions - Screening - Detection of specifics issues - Specialist intervention - Diagnostic and curative competencies and instruments.

DEVELOPMENT - articles 27 - 31 CRC -

In this area are taken into account all needs related to cognitive, emotional, social and cultural Development of the person. In this category are included: educative and formative needs, cultural mediation/valorisation of the cultural and religious identity needs, social relations and recreational needs, more precisely the related need to the right to share with their peers cultural, artisitc and games activities.

Keywords: School - Work - Game - Project Life - Cultural identity - Personal baggage - Respect - Valorisation.

PROTECTION - articles 19 - 22 and articles 32 - 37

In this area are taken into account actual and potential needs derived of the particular vulnerability of a person in the first stage of life, understood as proportionally depending of the evolving capacities of each individual. The notion of protection also includes levels of prevention, rehabilitation and of empowerment. In particular, special attention is paid to the current or potentially phenomenon related to inhuman or degrading treatment, negligence, abusive detenion, physical/mental abuses, violence, traffic, sexual and labour exploitation.

Keywords: Secular place - identification - comprehension - profiency -listening - cultural mediation - operators competencies - Guardianship - family - group of peers.

PARTICIPATION - articles 12 - 12 CRC

In this area are taken into account all those needs related to the possibility to exercise its own competencies to determine its contingent conditions and future. In this category, are included all prerogative related to the exercise of rights and duties, conditions related to status and citizenship, the possibility to access to relevant, comprehensive, differed informations and to express opinions which are taken into consideration. In the scope of protection, is considered the vulnerability; the scope of participation considers the competence that will be recognised and made possible from the consideration of the evolutive capacity related to age group and cultural differences.

Keywords: Residence permit - legal assistance - cultural and linguistic mediation - rights - orientation - operators competencies.

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