DFC 18 19 ChildRightsHelpdesk oranjeSince 2019 Defence for Children Italy has created the CHILD RIGHTS HELPDESK, a socio‑legal support unit for unaccompanied children on the move, with a coordinated set of actions on various levels.The Child Rights Helpdesk intends to develop an independent observatory to verify the state of implementation of guarantees and rights of unaccompanied children on the move through guidance, assistance, analysis, monitoring, training and awareness raising activities and through a constant dialogue with civil society and institutional and non-institutional actors working in this field.


Fairy Tales

The Hidden gender messages in fairy tales – Let’s read the fairy tales up-side down

The Project has duration 24 months and will be implemented in three EU Member States – Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. Its main objective  is preventing gender-based violence by disputing gender stereotypes from an early childhood in the EU. A gender analysis of 9 classical fairy tales for children will be implemented. 180 teachers from childcares for preschoolers from three EU countries will be trained about introducing the gender issues in pre-school children’s education (5-7 years old), using classical fairy tales.

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Effective integration policies building around active citizenship are needed since they are conducive to efficient, sustainable, responsible and inclusive social models. Tailor made responses to support the integration of the youngest generations are an essential investment to guarantee long term successful results and durable solutions. The present action aims at improving the support to young third-country nationals aged 18-21 by strengthening the presence of volunteer citizens (individual or groups) that accompany them in their integration process through mentoring programmes. The implementation of mentoring models will have direct impact on the young third-country nationals’ lives in relation to these key dimensions and policy areas: employment, education, social inclusion and active citizenship.

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ASOP4G - Standard operating procedures for guardians

An alliance to promote the rights of children on the move 

  The project "ASOP4G - Alliance for Children on the Move - Standard Operating Procedures for Guardians" has started in January 2018.

The project's main goal, in particular in Italy, is to support the process of implementation of Law 47/2017, in particular concerning training for guardians. 

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ELUCE Project

"Enhancing the Level of UASC protection through an effective guardianship system in Sicily": a pilot project to train citizens in Sicily

The Regional Ombudsman for Children of the Sicilia Region, with the technical support of Defence for Children Italia and funding of UNHCR will promote in Sicily a pilot project that aims at contributing to the improvement and the standardization of the guardianship system for unaccompanied minors in Sicily through a region-wide training process. The initiative will be implemented in close cooperation and coordination with the Regional Ombudsman for Children in Sicily, UNHCR and the National Council of Social Workers (CNOAS) as well as with the judicial authority (Ordinary-Juvenile Courts) and the Municipal Ombudsperson in Palermo, consistent with the recently approved law 47/2017 “Measures of protection for unaccompanied migrant children”.

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Enhancing PROtection of Children - vicTims of crime

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E-PROTECT aims to support the child victims of crime. The project aims to empower the targeted professionals to share experiences, transfer knowledge and build a strong transnational network. E-PROTECT is designed to enhance the capacity of the multidisciplinary professionals working with child victims of crime, the project has adopted a rights-based comprehensive approach. E-PROTECT has underlined to the targeted professionals once again the importance to always put the best interests of the child first. Moreover, the project attempted to reinforce the child’s right to be heard, the right to information, the right to protection and privacy and the right to non-discrimination.

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