ADAMO, Adulto Amico

Adding value to adult volunteering in accompanying Italian and foreign young people drawn in the juvenile justice system and coming from needy contexts


Location of the action: Region of Lazio, Italy

Starting date: 1st of December 2013

The initiative is the continuation and development of a completed project (TOM-TOM) financed by the Region of Lazio that has allowed the constitution of a small team of volunteers that started a process of relationship with some boys in their way out from criminal processes and of connection with the services available in the territory.

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IMPACT, Improving and Monitoring Protection system Against Child Trafficking and exploitation


The IMPACT project aims at improving and enhancing child protection and child welfare policies’ impact in better preventing and protecting particularly vulnerable categories of children from trafficking and exploitation.

It will develop its action through the following activities:

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Closing a protection gap 2.0

Implementing the Core Standards for guardians of separated children in Europe in practice, feeding into policy and legislative instruments on guardianship


Location of the action: The Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Austria, Cyprus, Portugal, Finland and Slovenia.

Dates: 15th December 2012- 15th December 2014

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GATE-Guardians against Trafficking and Exploitation

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Location of the action: Italy, Greece, Cyprus and the Netherlands

Dates: 18/10/2011-18/04/2013

Lead manager and partners:

  • KMOP, Greece (lead manager)
  • Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology - CARDET, Cyprus
  • Defence for Children International, The Netherlands
  • Defence for Children International, Italia

The GATE project -“Guardians for separated children Against Trafficking and any form of Exploitation: Standards and Training for the qualification of guardians for separated children against trafficking and exploitation”- aims at strengthening the competences and capacities of guardianship systems against trafficking and exploitation, by creating a set of standards and educational material for guardians of separated children.

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The project “Comuni-Chiamo – Network for an Intercultural Dialogue among Local Authorities of the Caltanissetta Province” is co-funded by the European Fund for the Integration of third country citizens, within the EU Actions on “Capacity Building”.

It promotes dialogue and networks among public and private agencies, city councils and organizations aimed at a better understanding of the needs of different groups of migrant people who live in the Sicilian Province of Caltanissetta and the enhancement of their integration and sense of belonging in different social contexts (i.e. work, school, healthcare, culture, sociability, etc.).

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italia Lazio
Location of the action: Italy, Region of Lazio.

Starting Dates: 13th April 2012 for 12 months

Lead manager: Defence for Children International-Italy

The TOM TOM initiative aims at reaching children after criminal proceedings in order to increase their chances of successful reintegration. Defence for Children Italia will provide an independent and accessible service on a voluntary basis that will support and connect children with local resources, to orient them in order to access professional and educational opportunities available in the area of the Region of Lazio; it will thus increase their chances of successful reintegration as a result of the experience of criminal proceedings.

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