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Safer with a guardian

Schermata 10 2456947 alle 13.10.37The initiative started the 1st September 2014 and will last 24 months. It aims at enhancing the protection of children on the move through the promotion of model for the prompt appointment and qualification of guardians in particularly congested points of arrival both at national and at EU level.

“SafeGuard” will concentrate on Italy as one of the key and main entry points to Europe for COM from the Mediterranean coasts, but it will ensure a wider scope through the involvement of networks from other EU countries that will play a crucial role in informing and orienting the process development and enlarging its scope. Particularly the initiative will involve as partners NIDOS Foundation (NL), a consolidated and experienced network of guardians, referent of the ENGI (EU Network of Guardianship Institutions), and will count on associates like the International Social Service (ISS), present in 140 countries worldwide, ARCI, an Italian organization well-rooted at national/local level, the Municipality of Catania, and the Italian National Authority for Children and Adolescents which is engaged on the reform of guardianship at national level.

SafeGuard will be developed through the following interconnected activities:
- MODEL DEFINITION: analysis of the situation in the main points of arrival in IT combining a desk review and a participatory research through consultations with guardians and main stakeholders working in the protection and guardianship domain, children hosted in shelters, representatives of EU guardianship networks and key actors working in strategic points of arrival for the definition of an operative guardianship model.
- APPLICATION OF THE MODEL AT LOCAL LEVEL, through the application of operational practices and procedures and the set-up of a referral and protection system in coordination with local authorities and key actors, to be experimented in Sicily as a problematic and strategic area of arrival and first contact with the EU.
- CAPACITY BUILDING based on the previous activities and aimed at strengthening and qualifying the role and functions of the guardian of COM. A training module for guardians will be implemented through the realization of 3 training sessions and a working/exchange visit to the NL will be organized to favor the exchange of practices.
- DISSEMINATION OF THE MODEL both at local, national and EU level. A joint final report containing recommendations will be disseminated and presented in both a final national seminar organized in Italy with the participation of national stakeholders and in a final seminar in Brux with the participation of representatives of guardianship networks (ENGI) and organizations working in strategic entry points from 10 EU countries (facilitated by ISS).

Beneficiaries of the initiative are: the guardianship system and the children on the move arriving in and transiting through Italy on their way to Europe.
Safeguard will connect with ongoing efforts in the field of child protection and could count on an articulated set of functional channels and relations with institutions, international agencies and NGOs both at national and territorial level.

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