Children’s Rights Behind Bars

Human rights of children deprived of liberty: improving monitoring mechanisms

no kidsThe Proposal, entitled: “Children’s Rights Behind Bars. Human rights of children deprived of liberty: improving monitoring mechanisms” was created with the aim of improving international juvenile justice standards to protect the needs of incarcerated children.

The project will culminate in a “practical Guide to be used by professionals when visiting centres where children are being deprived of their liberty, particularly juvenile detention facilities.”

 A product of extensive research and input from lawyers, academics, juvenile justice experts, etc., the guide will serve as a valuable resource for those working for the promotion and monitoring of the rights of children deprived of their liberty. The guide will be disseminated throughout EU Members States in brochure form, as well as in web format. This report will enhance the coordination of Member States in their juvenile justice policies and harmonize practices between existing monitoring bodies. During a final conference, the guide will be presented to Member States and experts of the monitoring bodies.

Participating countries: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom and Serbia. The Council of Europe is an associate partner.

Dates: 1st March 2014 – 29th February 2016


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Project co-funded by the Penal Justice Programme of the European Union

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