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big-1890 3 Jacquot-de-NantesIn the world human rights of the child are systematically violated.

War, conditions of poverty, phenomena of exploitation - all products of the interests of an adult world, uncaring of consequences - expose their devasting impact on the youngest generation. Despite everything that takes place under our eyes, the responses to these problems are in many cases limited to actions of benefaction that do not produce any significant changes.

Defence for Children International promotes, for and with children, a different world able to consider the consequences of oneís own actions; investigate and denounce the reasons and responsibilities leading to the negation of the rights of the child; realize action campaigns in order to change the causes and factors leading to rights violations.

Defence for Children International operates in the world for and with children, carrying out initiatives of protection and promotion of rights in relation to the following problems: juvenile justice, child labour exploitation, participation and citizenship of children, formal and non-formal education, and children involved in armed conflicts.


Defence for Children Italy works, for and with children, by focussing its activities in the national context and concentrates its activities in organizing projects which promote action on priority issues.

Each project is defined according our approach and by a period of time in which to meet clear objectives via a mix of activities and initiatives together.


  • Juvenile Justice
  • Migration
  • Children on the move: protection from Violence, Exploitation and Trafficking
  • Consumerism and Media Education
  • Education to Human Rights and Children Rights



  • Analysis and research: to understand which are the elements that determine the violation of the human rights of the child.
  • Information, sensitization, training: to create awareness, understanding and skills.
  • Denounce violations: in order to immediately put a stop to abuse and take on the responsibilities for a change.
  • Promotion of proposals: to orient policies, laws and strategies.
  • The development of pilot projects: for the identification of good practices that can be replicated.
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