Training healthcare multidisciplinary teams on children’s rights and on child-friendly justice

On November 14th 2015 starts the Project “THEAM – Training healthcare multidisciplinary teams on children’s rights and on child-friendly justice”, co-funded by European Commission Justice/Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme.

The project aims at training key professionals involved in the work with vulnerable children and integrating training on children’s rights and child-friendly justice into regular national training and education curricula for professionals.

In all partner countries, multidisciplinary teams working at local level for the protection of vulnerable children receive training on child protection, prevention and intervention on child maltreatment and children’s rights. From previous researches on the topic, however, emerges the need to enhance the specific training on children’s rights, particularly those concerned with children’s participation in decisions affecting them (art. 12 of the UN Convention on Children’s Rights). THEAM aims therefore to train established groups of professionals working in geographical areas of the partner countries with the highest number of vulnerable children.

The project’s goals are:

- To train multidisciplinary teams working with children in the prevention of child maltreatment and juvenile delinquency and early intervention programmes at Primary Healthcare level on children’s rights and Child-Friendly Justice, on the basis of Art. 12 CRC and of the Council of Europe Child-friendly Justice guidelines

- To raise awareness of professionals working with and for children on children’s rights and, in particular, on article 12 of the CRC and on the Council of Europe Guidelines on Child-Friendly Justice;

- To enhance professionals’ knowledge, attitude and role on how to respect children’s rights in the context of prevention and early intervention programmes;

- To integrate the training modules and/or content into regular training programmes of the national partners or other entities otherwise responsible for the development of national curricula and training of professionals working for and with children.

The project will be implemented through the following interconnected activities:

- Assessment of knowledge, attitudes and practice of participants in the project;

- Preparation of a training module based on the Council of Europe Guidelines on Child-Friendly Justice;

- Adaptation and translation of the Children’s Rights Educational Curricula for Professionals prepared by University of Victoria, Canada, and additional module into the partners’ languages

- Provision of training for professionals;

- Evaluation of the training and its impact;

- Advocacy and networking to pursue implementation of the curriculum into basic training of professionals working with and for vulnerable children;

- Dissemination of the training and project results.

Project’s partners:

CESIS – Portugal (applicant)

Defence for Children International Italy

Defence for Children International Spain

KMOP – Greece

Beginning of the project:

14th November 2015 for 14 months

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